Is the Tiger finished?

How many times have we been here before this past few years? The question that hangs above the head of one of the greatest athletes, indeed one of the greatest golfers, this planet has had the pleasure of witnessing. Not many players and participants in the history of any sport can say that their chosen sport owes them something but Tiger is one of those that can say Golf owes him.

And this is why he creates such talking points and is on the forefront of any golfers mind, the name that crops up everytime you ask a junior golfer who is your favourite golfer.

This is also the reason why it is sad to write that I believe he will be retiring from the game very soon.

The majors, the fist pumps, the excitement he has brought every time he tees it up is a sight to behold. But with injuries and poor performances on the course there is only so much he will be able to take and the feeling of being un-competitive after so many years of on-course success must be a hard to take in the mind of a former champion.

But what I don't understand is so many people have argued that his swing is letting him down and, more worryingly, HE himself thinks his swing is letting him down! Article upon article and forum upon forum of 'what is wrong with Tigers swing'. 'He's getting too stuck behind' says one. 'He's swaying off the ball and dipping' says another. The blame is being firmly pressed towards his action and how different it is since his incredible US Open win in 2000, winning by 15!!!


Truth is it's not massively different. He still dipped back in those days. He still go the club working behind him occasionally so could block or hook the ball. He has sought solace in trying to fix his swing but with no luck.

So what's at play here and why the dramatic fall from grace?


Have you ever felt great on the range, swing feels fluid and you feel confident. Then you step onto the tee, see the hazards in front and freeze! You cannot take the hazards out of your mind! That's what is happening with Tiger. You look at footage of him on the range. He makes it look easy. Swing looks as good as it ever has done. Ball is being striped every single time. On the golf course is a very different Tiger. He is fearing the bad shot. Fearing a high score. Once with the will to win from any position (US Open 2008 when he pretty much played on one leg and won), now simply looking like he is trying to make the cut. The search for the perfect swing has caused him to lose any sense of predictability he had in his game and ball flight. The feeling of getting up to the ball and thinking 'where is this going' is a potential reality for the former world number one.

Don't get me wrong. His back has played a huge part and is extremely unfortunate to have suffered so badly towards the later stages of his career with injury and numerous attempts to 'fix' it.

But he has stage fright. You don't just lose a golf swing that badly. He would do well to go and see Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott. Two professionals who have vast experience in this area and have helped players such as Annika Sorenstam think clearer about the game, enabling confidence rather than doubt to spread.

Here's hoping he makes a return to winning ways again but something tells me it's not going to happen.

Please prove me wrong Mr Woods.