Do custom fit clubs really help and what are 'the rules'?

Having been custom fitting clubs now for over 15 years, I have seen vast differences in the way people play golf and how their game improves purely down to new technology and clubs that have been suited to the way they swing. From lighter shafts to the right gapping for your wedges, there is always something you can gain from custom fitting.

And even if the clubs you try don't improve on your 30 year old 'Pinseeker' irons..........? Well, at least you know you have the right clubs in your bag already and can go away confident!

There are a few very common questions when it comes to custom fitting clubs. One that tends to crop up more often than not is 'Am I good enough to have custom fit irons'?

My answer is always 'as long as you can simply make contact with the ball then absolutely'!


Even if you have just begun playing this great game, it is still vital you have at least the shafts that suit your swing, whether you swing slow or fast, high tempo or low tempo, feeling comfortable and having the correct weight and length of shaft is crucial in helping you play better golf.

If you are looking into some new 'sticks' for this coming golfing season, I have compiled some bullet points to help you when you are approaching the custom fit process:

- Ensure, during the fitting, you are simply swing the club with no swing thoughts. This game has plenty of variables anyway, we don't need to add to that list of what you're working on in your swing during the fitting


- Ensure you are being fitted by someone PGA qualified. It is usually the case but every so often I have heard stories of some issues with the fitter. You can usually tell this straight away as they try and sell you something rather than explaining the benefits of a certain club or specification that has been suggested.

- Again, will seem obvious, but ensure you go to somewhere with a launch monitor. As long as the numbers are explained simply and concisely to the golfer the fitter will just be guessing if a new club is really working for you or not.

- Take with you your current clubs to the fitting. Otherwise how will you know what is better and outperforms your clubs you have in your possession at the moment? Believe it or not, I have had a few turn up without their old clubs despite me mentioning this when they book.


Richard is a qualified Callaway fitter at Whittlebury Park GCin Northamptonshire specialising in Iron and driver fittings.