I have been playing and studying the game of Golf since the age of 6 when my Dad took me to the local golf club, Maxstoke Park. From there an obsession grew. The fascination and thrill of seeing a little white ball travelling nice, high and far (sometimes straight) and the feeling you got when the ball came out of the centre of the club exhilarated me.

After turning professional at 18 and played almost everyday for the majority of this period to no ultimate tournament success, I wanted to find out why! Why hadn't lived up to potential earlier hype and praise I received at a very young age. The journey I have been on, and still continue to be on for the rest of my teaching career, is a fascinating one in learning what makes a great player a Tour professional, what turns a beginner into a mid-handicapper, what makes a 70 year old improve in a game they have played for 50 years and what makes a kid enjoy one of the greatest games on earth, whether they want to be a professional or whether they want to have a lifetime enjoying the game.

My aim is to introduce, improve and help people enjoy the game of Golf even more than they already do in the most simple way possible. With over 14 million books on golf instruction published, it's easy to see why the game has got so complicated over the past 40-50 years thus the importance of keeping things simple to understand so performance does not regress.

With extensive knowledge of ball flight, various coaching 'methods', psychology and how the brain works, I have already compiled a vast array of knowledge to help golfers of all ages and ability. Like the golfer, learning does not stop though and with new technology like Trackman, video analysis and 3D motion sensors being released every year, it is crucial to stay on top of the game so you have all the tools possible to bring out the potential in every player.

I look forward to helping you with your game very soon.