The Mark Crossfield Effect

Love him or loathe him, PGA Professional, YouTube star, Coach, mentor and the internets most searched for Golf coach, Mark Crossfield, is here to stay.

With over 200,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and tens of thousands of viewers per video and piece of content he puts out there, he is without doubt the most popular Golf coach in the world.

His collaborations with good friend Coach Lockey and beginning with vlogs of him and his friends playing various courses and having a lot of fun have generated him a huge audience when you think of the amount of content that is already out there regarding the game. Numerous magazines, books and 35,000 YouTube ways to 'cure your slice', he has stood out from the crowd.

Due to this popularity of the 'Golf Guru', as you'd expect, this has generated some negative reviews as well with the general public (most of them hiding behind keyboards) 'trolling' him and criticising potential ego, incorrect information or just purely disliking what he does in his day to day life.

It's a sad world. It's a shame there isn't more Mark Crossfield's.

In my opinion, he has brought a new generation to the game and helped existing golfers love it that little bit more with his personality, sense of humour and overall passion for the game. He cant get enough of it, and this is picked up on pretty much every video he has done and gratefully passed over to the viewer.

Laughter is infectious and the difference between Crossfield and anyone out there is he puts content out there with a smile on his face. The golfing public (even non golfing public) warm to this and it makes you more motivated to get out there and play the game because you see other people enjoying it.

Take the Winter Olympics for example. Who on earth wanted to try to travel down a tunnel made of ice on top of a tea tray head first? That's exactly what a lot of people in the UK wanted to do when they witnessed Amy Williams win Gold in the Skeleton event at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and she did it with a smile on her face. That's what Crossfield does, he makes you want to go out and play Golf with his infectious personality and overall sense of fun that he is having whilst playing and teaching!


He has not always had his fans however. Nick Bradley, another coach (life coach I think he describes himself as now), him of Leadbetter fame (he taught at a Leadbetter Academy) and author of 2 books, said on Twitter a few weeks back 'Mark who?; inciting he was unaware of Crossfield's success online and slyly mocking him as though he has sprung from the bottom of the cup. Was this jealousy on behalf of Bradleys side as he hasn't generated the audience the size of Crossfield's, hurting Bradleys fairly substantial ego? Only Nick will know the answer here.

Love him or loathe him, Mark has done a lot to raise the profile of the game of Golf through his interaction and entertainment levels of content featuring his take on the Golf industry.

And Golf coaches........ learn from him. Don't loathe him for his successes!