Myth Busters - Left arm straight!

I love coaching Golf........ the different swings, the different people and the joy on peoples face when they hit a shot like they've never hit before. A huge satisfaction for player and coach alike.

I also love hearing what people have heard and read about the golf swing..... I'm educated every day. Especially when there's 14 million books been published about how to play golf, no one is going to read them all so I'm intrigued as to what golfers have seen and heard in attempts to help them reach the pinnacle of the game or their potential.

A classic 'swing fix' that always comes up is 'my left arm must be straight' (for a right handed golfer). But no one can give a valid reason for this to be a necessity! Which usually indicates it's another thing to tick off the list of unnecessary swing thoughts that clog up many a players mind and inhibiting their action.

The truth is that keeping your left arm straight is one of the worst things you can do? Why? Because if you try and keep the arm straight in the backswing, especially for players of an un-flexible nature, you risk adding tension into your body and connectors (arms) which causes all sorts of problems including topping and fatting the shot.

The club has to do the work during the golf swing action and if ever tension in the body is part of the equation, bad shots can occur in trying to manipulate the club back to the ball.

I encourage you not to think or try to keep the left arm straight and see how you get on without this destructive myth.