Training Aid review - Talon by Ojee Golf

It’s the holy grail of the game of golf….. to earn consistency and repeatability. The times we have all heard how the average club golfer wants to be as consistent as possible.

I’ve never really been a fan of the word consistent, purely down to the fact I didn’t feel it was achievable in a game full of variation.

However, there is one training aid that has hit the market to help every level of golfer achieve a level of repeatability within the set-up. The set-up being a crucial area to anyone seeking a high probability of repeating quality golf shots.

Meet ‘TALON’ from Ojee Golf


With the tagline ‘Perfect You Golf Set-Up’ it is one of the only training aids on the market that can boast this line.

How it works?

To put it very simply, Talon measures your spine angle, shaft angle and face position at address in degrees to help repeat the same set-up with every club. 

I have to admit, at first, being a slight layman when it comes to fixing things (I need all the help I can to build Lego) I found it slightly fiddly to place on. With a little extra look at the instructions and a ‘eureka’ moment this dunce managed to fix the product safely on.

It comes with two main elements……. The main product which fits onto the butt end of the club, distributing the numbers showing shaft angle, spine angle, the Ojee number (the difference between spine angle and shaft angle) and the face angle, whether its closed, open or square.

The second element is the belt with a remote-control style product that fits snugly into the belt that measures your spine angle, then giving the numerical value in degrees to the main product attached to your golf club.

It is extremely simple to use with easy to understand guidelines in the instruction book to see what sort of angles you need to try and achieve.

What I also like is it is brutally honest. As everyone is different, by different I mean physiologically, motor patterns and various ways in reaching impact, it does suggest see your local pro to ensure you are reaching your ‘angle goals’. Like any training aid out there, the average golfer will need expert advice to gain maximum advantage out of the product.


Is it Different?

In a word, yes. There are a few ways you can check your face angle manually at address for example. One of the most popular is sticking a magnetic rod on the face of the club which enhances the visual from the golfers perspective as to where the face is initially pointing. However, this method is slightly old hat and not quite keeping up with technology that can make it easier to know numerically where the face is actually pointing.

Shaft angle is also important to know and very difficult to discover. Trackman has an advantage as that can measure your shaft angle at impact, but feel free to spend in excess of £20k for one of their units to gain this information.


Overall, the goal of a training aid should be two fold………one, to make the game simpler for the user and two, to give them necessary information to help them improve on some scale. I think this ticks both boxes very nicely.