Why Tee 2 Green in 15?

The search bar for YouTube is the second most popular search bar on the internet (no prizes for guessing which one is top....... Google..... As if you didn't know).

I typed in 'How to cure my slice' into YouTube a few months back and, low and behold, you had to pick me up off the floor....... 3.45 million results came up, describing the best way I could stop my golf ball moving left to right (for a right handed golfer, obviously). 

Some of these videos were a couple of minutes long, some of them were an hour long! I worked out that if I were to average out the videos to 8 minutes long it would take me 27.6 million minutes to watch each of these videos which is approx 52 and a half years of my life being spent on YouTube watching how I can cure my slice...... and that's not even including sleep!!!

Now, we have to be realistic. No one in their right mind is going to watch every single video on getting rid of a slice. It might just take that one magic nugget to find the way Joe Bloggs golfer can cure the enemy of all enemies.

This is where the concept of Tee 2 Green in 15 was born.

Now I am a self confessed golf geek. I love the game. Read it, sleep it, do it, i can't get enough of improving myself and gaining as much knowledge as possible to help all levels of golfer. I am in a very lucky position.

However, even I, the mayor of Golf Geek-Dom, can't sit and watch some of these videos. They are just too long and, with all due respect to the content makers, a tad dull and monotonous.

Don't get me wrong. There are people out there who will gladly take an hour out of their day and read a daily paper. There are people who take 6 hours out of their day to watch a box set, so the long videos might appeal to them.

However, life, for some reason, has become more hectic and 'time-hungry' so to take a consumers time must take something special. 

Introducing golf instruction in 15 second videos. Made to be entertaining and informative. 

If you like them, subscribe. If you don't, tell me how to improve. If you hate them, don't watch. If you love them, tell your friends. If more people know and videos like this get at least some of the 90% of the UK population starting to play golf, that is job done and one happy golf pro here!